In a world reeling from ancient war, where ally turned on ally, loyalty can not be earnt. Only bought. Hire and buy your warriors to build a unit and fight others for coin and glory! Coin war aims to be one of the first true play to earn trading card game NFT's on the cardano blockchain. Earn by battling. Earn by staking and loaning warriors out for rent. Earn by WINNING! Glory and coin await those brave enough to fight for it!

Current game phase: Beta testing the unity developed game.

Current mint phase: OG now closed. First warrior mint coming soon!

Hello frens, we are back !

Coinwar has been on hold for a while, we got caught up in our lives and works and could not catch up with everything.

Even if we are in a bear market we don't wanna quit, we believe that it's the perfect time to work on our game and to plan out next mint!

We are aiming for an end of the year mint.

Around 1000 cards probably. We want to make it accessible to people so our cards will be available at 10 ADA probably each, it's best to get 5 at least, that will be the standard deck size later on.

We currently have a working prototype for single player and also multiplayer!

What we don't have yet is the wallet connection part, that's how we will use part of the money from the mint to pay our crypto dev to work on this part, he already did these things on other Cardano projects but we need to feed him with some coins ;)

After the mint we will focus on :

  • Wallet connection
  • Improving the GUI of our game, currently it's a bit hard to see the attributes and the game really looks like a prototype ( well, it is one !). -Preparing the tournaments features ( a good way for you to try to make money if you are strong at the game ) ! -Working on our own little metaverse which will be more of a worldmap with villages & castles and having some of these buildings will give you a chance to get extra coins during tournaments ! More on this soon. -Improving the artworks in general, we found an artist who will help us, he is already working on our characters we will start adding his art soon.

Cardano is not dead and Coinwar neither is, That's why we are asking you to stay with us and support us.

We want to develop our game as a fun game to play, not a money grab rug pull project thingy.

We hope you are excited as we are,


Check out more below!

Beta mint POLICY ID : bc86845211422d0c82b53710f984755ebd2cb83229ff9aebbc98c84e

Current beta of the game already playable! join our Discord 👇


Why Coinwar?

⚔ Tactical trading card game with expanding lore that will include the community.

⚔ Future land plot and in game crypto.

⚔ Various ways to earn with staking, playing and winning!

Anatomy of a hero card.

Here is all you need to know about our cards.


The fighting mechanism

For the alpha version, the fighting mechanism will be a bit basic, it will involve a virtual dice and you need to do something like 3+ on a dice or 4+ etc etc. You can have a look at the gameplay here :

The Roadmap

Q4 2022 : We will have our next mint before end of year. We will start updating the website with visuals from our new artist. We will get in touch with our freelance dev to start adding the wallet connection feature. ⚔

Q1 2023 : Wallet connection should work well, we will have players testing the game and we will focus on improving the GUI + UX/UI of our game ! ( currently it’s not really good :/ ). We will make another mint as it’s a card game it makes sense to have several mints. We will start organizing tournaments where players can win cryptos if they are strong enough ;).

Q2- Q3 2023 : We will continue improving our game based on user feedback we will and we will work on the alpha version of our medieval metaverse thing!

Our whitepaper


Meet the team



CEO, co-founder

Hi everyone, I am Benjamin Dehant, a french Designer who loves games, NFTs and Cardano!



CTO, co-founder

Hi everyone I'm Jon Co-founder and DEV for the project. I'm a blockchain / NFT fanatic on the side! I love Pizza.



CMO, co-founder

Hi everyone! I’m P0inters, I’m french/ English and UTC based. I currently work in marketing. Big gaming fan and even bigger NFT fan.

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